How to make a PDF-calendar

Customize, download and print your PDF-calendar here in seconds. Easy peasy. Full year on one page, or one month per page. Add images, colors, weeknumbers and moon-phase to your calendar befor you download and print.

Calendar month or full year?

First you need to choose if you want a calender with one month per page or all months on one page. The monthly-calendar will give you a few extra options, like a colorfull image at the top, but the full-year-calendar will help you to find dates several months ahead.

Both types of calendars will give you week-numbers and moon-phase, and they are all freely available on this site.

How to make a PDF-calendar

Customize calendar

All PDF-calendars can be customized with moon-phase and weeknumbers and first weekday before you download it. To do this, click the blue buttons which you will find right above download-link.

How to make a PDF-calendar

  1. Chose your calendarstyle, monthly or full year, at
  2. Find the template you like best
  3. Customize your PDF by clicking the blue buttons right under the calendar
  4. Click the download-link
  5. Save it to your device or print it directly from your browser

PDF calendar paper-sizes

If you intend to print the calendar, be sure to select the same papersize for the PDF-document as the paper in your printer. The rule of thumb is that The US, as well as Canada and parts of Mexico, uses Legal or Letter papersize.

The rest of the world do A4 and A3 which is the most recognizable A paper size, though it’s taller and more narrow. Not sure? Measure your paper in millimeters or inches.

  • A4 210x297mm or 8.3x11.7inches
  • A3 297x420mm or 11.7x16.5inches
  • Letter 216x279mm or 8.5x11.0inches
  • Legal 216x356mm or 8.5x14.0inches
  • Tabloid (Ledger) 279 x 432mm or 11 x 17inches

What does the weeknumbers mean?

The ISO week date system, as seen here as weeknumbers, is a calendar system mainly used in government and business for timekeeping. So, if someone says, "I´ll deliver the goods in week 21", everyone knows when to expect the merchandise.

Weeks in this system starts on a monday, so always print a monday-first PDF-calendar when you use weeknumbers.

Customize calendar before print

How do I understand the moon-phase symbols?

  • Full Moon
  • New Moon
  • Third Quarter Moon
  • First Quarter Moon
Calendar with moon-phase
Pick month Pick year

It will be your first calendar-month.

Pick month Pick year

Choose year and go to your printable calendar.